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Create Your Own Superhero…or Villain

. The site is dedicated to help you find out everything there is if you want to create your own superhero; whether you plan to see your hero on the movie screens, or just for your kid for Halloween. Whatever your ambition this site brings together people with different talents, experiences and ambitions.

Superheros are a very interesting entities as art form expression, as characters in a graphic novel and as role models for our own moral compass. Why you chose to create your own superhero or villain may be a well thought-out reason, or it could be a whim, but we hope that you will find it enjoyable and will learn lots. I for example never had the artistic ability to draw realistic looking human forms, instead my skills always lay in creating a believable story, and a heroic (and often unrealistic) character.

My heroes were a reflection of my own life, and the process of writing the story for my heroes and villains was very meditative. I found myself reflecting on my own life, and comparing my actions and decisions against those of the hero. That gave my actions new clarity and shaped my approach to the interactions I have with those in my life. Obviously your experience will be different, and your plans for your hero may differ from those that created and shared their superheroes or villains here; on CreateYourSuperheros.com

You may be creating a superhero for self-discovery, or for the sake of creativity. Or you could be making your own superhero for profit. Whatever you reason good luck to you! The superhero genre is becoming ever more popular, and you can check out the list of superhero movies here: Create Your Own Superhero Page.

There are several main components when you make your superhero, like their history, characteristics, ambitions and reason for being, and their look (physical attributes, costume etc). There is some more info for you to read here on our Make Your Own Superhero Or Villain Page.

As you go through your creative process, you may find a new point of view that we did not consider. Perhaps there is something that you want to add to our resource. If that’s the case, please go to the contact page and let us know! Also we hope that you will share your creation here, and if you find this resource/community helpful to you, then we all expect tickets to your movie, once it hits the silver screens!